Recruitment Information

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Recruitment Information

First, shipping operations
Job Responsibilities 
1. Receive the replenishment provided by the consignor. If it cannot be provided in time, the document needs to be urged.
2, the bill of lading and the client check the contents of the bill of lading, provide replenishment to the shipping company
3, tracking shipment status, billing, dunning, sending invoices / bills of lading to customers
4. Ensure that the ship is placed before the arrival of the port, notify the foreign agent before the ship is dispatched, and promptly reply to the customer, business, and foreign agent's mail.

job requirements
 1. College degree or above, English level 4 or above
 2, skilled operation of office software: Word, Excel, Outlook
 3, proactive, strong sense of responsibility, work carefully and efficiently, have a strong sense of service and customer communication skills.
 4, good teamwork spirit, analysis, communication and coordination skills, can rationally allocate their own time 5, international trade / logistics management professionals are preferred.

Welfare and treatment
1. Basic salary + post salary + quarterly bonus + double salary at the end of the year (guarantee) + holiday fee;
2. Working hours: 5 days/week 9:00-18:00, 1 hour and half hour for lunch break, double break;
3, on-the-job purchase of five insurance and one gold, regular physical examination every year;
4. Group travel at least 1-2 times a year, often with company dinners, KTV and various activities. 5. The company assists in renting a house.

Second, overseas salesman
description of job:
1. Responsible for the development of overseas freight forwarding business and do a good job in customer maintenance.
2. Familiar with overseas business processes, establish contact with target customers, understand and track customer needs, and complete inquiry and quotation work.
3. Develop and complete team sales indicators based on the company's business plan.
4. Communicate in a timely manner to solve problems encountered during the shipping process. Salary structure: basic salary + commission

job requirements:
1. Have a strong interest in sales, extroverted, cheerful, and good communication and negotiation skills.
2, have a certain ability to withstand pressure and the potential of development business.
3, English requirements level 4 and above, with the ability to communicate with foreign guests in daily English mail.

Treatment and benefits:
The basic salary is negotiable, it is 30% of the performance, the step is up to 40%, the task amount is 2 times of the basic salary, the probation period is 2 months, the trial period will buy five insurance and one gold, weekend weekend, 1 per year The company assisted in renting accommodation for 2 trips.